Keyword Predator FAQ

  • What is Keyword Predator?
    A web based keyword discovery, suggestion and analysis tool to help you find profitable and rankable keywords and to brainstorm new niches and content marketing ideas.

  • Will you provide gazillions of suggestions for any keyword entered?
    Actually no, not for everything. We do things a little differently since we don't rely on Google for suggestions, or any other search engine, there are already plenty of other keyword suggestion tools for that. Instead we have our own database with millions of keywords covering all manner of niche topics but some keywords or phrases just wont have much in the way of suggestions. If you search for something and don't get a result, try a variation.. some words will trigger many suggestions and you can drill down into every one to get more. We actually have more than half a BILLION keyword relations in our database so hopefully we have something for you!

  • Is this the only keyword tool I will ever need?
    Probably not and we don't aim to be the one to rule them all. Serious keyword researchers should use a selection of tools to get the best data for their campaigns. Some tools get their data from Google and others, such as us, do not and so it provides a good complement to the other tools.

  • Is it really free?
    Yes it is free with some limits - some data we use comes from other sources and we have to pay for that so we can't provided unlimited access to that. However there's no specific limit on the keyword suggestions which we provide from our own data.

  • So how much can I use for free?
    You can search for keyword suggestions as often as you want - we have many millions in our database and that part of the system is entirely free for you to use. When you choose to add a keyword from the suggestions list to your keyword database for further analysis then there are limits applied to that - currently you can add and analyze up to 1000 keywords each month.

  • How can I upgrade to increase the limit?
    Currently the system is in beta so there is no way to upgrade. If you would like to be an active beta tester then contact us for a special offer (as in free!).

  • What is the best way to use it?
    In brief, start with a broad keyword and then drill down through the suggestions. You may like to read the article on our blog about Getting Started with Keyword Predator.

  • I have more questions, how can I contact you?
    You can contact us here with any questions.

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